How to Use SVG Files

Alright Y'all - here's the basics of how you use my SVG files.

Please note that it is most definitely your responsibility to make sure that your machine/software is compatible with SVG files. I have a test file you can download right here so you can check it all out ahead of time without spending any moola.

1. Unzip the File

Your file will arrive as a compressed zip file to keep it all together and make for a faster download. You will need to unzip the file (right click and unzip). There will be seven files in the file (except for some files that have multiple versions like a welded and layered, etc):

  1. The EPS
  2. The SVG
  3. The DXF
  4. The PNG
  5. The License
  6. The Instructions
  7. The Shameless Ad for My VIP Email List

Can't find the SVG? If you see all those files but not an SVG and instead you see an internet explorer/chrome/firefox/etc file, THAT is the SVG. For some reason the default setting on most PCs is that SVG files are an internet file.

2. Load/Import into Software

Now you need to load it into your software.

Silhouette Studio:

File > Open > select your file > OK

If you would like to add it to your Silhouette Library, do this instead:

File > Library > Import to Library > select your file > OK

Cricut Design Space

New Project > Upload (on left side) > Upload Image > Browse > select your file > Choose.

Then, once the image is on your screen, hit “save” and then you will see it in your recently uploaded images. 

Now, click on your image and select “insert images” at the bottom.

A Note Regarding Bundles and Cricut Design Space:

Many of my SVG file bundles (like alphabets and whatnot) arrive with one single SVG file that has all the designs on it. I do this to keep the download at a reasonable size.

While this is no problem in Silhouette Studio, I have found that Cricut users often have a difficult time dealing with multiple designs in one file.

I have written a tutorial on how to work around this - please read it if you have this problem.

Having other problems? Check the FAQ!

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