Contact Me!

You mean you wanna talk to lil’ ol’ me? Awwww I’m so touched 😍

Okay so really truly I love talking to my customers so email away. I usually get back with people within a business day or so.

On Troubleshooting:

Having said that - if you’re having problems with a file or need troubleshooting, I would gently (yet forcefully at the same time) suggest checking through the FAQ, the use instructions, and do a quick google search before you email me. Youtube is also a fantastic resource for troubleshooting.

Most of the troubleshooting I end up doing with people is just info that’s available on Google, and you’ll end up with your answer a lot faster if that’s the case!

And if that doesn't work, let me know!

On Collaborations and Guest Posting:

You want to collab with me? Super! Send me your media kit, offer, or if you want to be a groupie I’m open to that too.

I’ve been known to hand out store credit for really awesome photos of things people make with my designs… I am not beyond bribery 😘

I love guest posts - I accept them and I write them. I will say though that my content is always top quality, both what I write and what I require. Send me a quick pitch of what you’re thinking.

Bonus points if you’re a customer and you want to post about a project you made with my design (yassss!). Negative points if you're a marketer just looking for a backlink.

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Have questions for me?

I'd love to hear from you - really. Contact Me today and I would love to answer any questions you have.