[VIDEO CLASS] Pricing Your Products (Properly) for Profit

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Learn how to price your products for sale without guessing, overpricing, or underpricing and leaving yourself burned out and working for pennies.

This is my method for pricing that I have used in several different businesses - accounting for direct and hidden costs for production, as well as the overhead and hidden "business owner" time that often gets missed.

In this class, you'll learn how to get all of your costs together, calculate a minimum sale price, and then use the going market rate for the product to determine a price that's both fair for the customer and profitable for you.

When purchased, you will get access to a replay of a live class with a Q&A, worksheets, as well as the presentation slides (via Dropbox).

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Video Class Review

I thoroughly enjoyed this class as I have been struggling with my pricing, and there were a few things that you had said that hit the nail on the head for me and made me really want to sit down and incorporate all the hidden costs into my products. I did know that I had to do this but just never did all of it. I’m kind of scared to see the total outcome because I know it will be higher than what I am currently selling for, I know my products are good but it’s just that imposter syndrome that is always in the back of our minds. Plus I want to be affordable to those people who love signs as much as I do and don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for it, but balance is what I need to find. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and giving me the push to get better. Can’t wait to see your next adventure ! ( I sold baking before signs so that is my first love) kindred hearts lol Oh and the forms are great too ! I love writing things out and making lists !

Tammy Millis

[VIDEO CLASS] Pricing Your Products (Properly) for Profit

Debi M
Great explanations!

I was a custom woodworker for 10 years for production tole painters. I was a tole painters myself. I ppainted hand made porcelain buttons for a dressmaker. I crochet and sew. I do vinyl with a
Silhouette now. Although I made money with it all I never got to that next level. Your explanations told me WHY.

Jeff Benedict
Awesome content. Awesome job. Awesome everything.

Everything was and always is awesome!!

Mary Kraus

[VIDEO CLASS] Pricing Your Products (Properly) for Profit

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