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General File & Purchase Questions

What do the files come with?

How do I know if my machine/software is compatible with your files?

How do I get my files?

Do you make custom designs?

How do I use the files?

Can I download these files to my phone or tablet?

Can I sell things I make with these designs?

Can I buy a design and send the file to someone else?

Do you offer refunds?

Do you have a gallery or some place I can get ideas?

Do you ever give out free SVG files?

I love your fonts! Can you tell me the name of them?

Silhouette Studio Troubleshooting

I keep getting an error in Silhouette Studio that the file is not supported. What do I do?

I’ve loaded the SVG File into Studio but every time I try to cut, nothing happens! Do I have to trace the SVG files to use them?

Can I still use your designs if I don’t have Designer Edition?

I bought a bundle file but everything is grouped in one file. How do I ungroup them so I can use the one I want?

Why don’t you sell .studio3 files?

Cricut Design Space Troubleshooting

How do I get the SVG file into Design Space?

I’m trying to import the SVG into Design Space but it just keeps going back to the load screen.

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